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The Simorgh

Dernière mise à jour : 13 avr. 2020

The Simurgh is a mythical healing bird in iranian mythology and literature whose history goes back to at least 2500 years ago. It is a key symbol in ancient Persia.

According to the Avesta, the sacred book for Zoroastrism, the preislamic religion preached by the prophet Zarathustra, the Simurgh resides on a healing Tree (similar to the biblical and islamic Tree of Life) which would bear the seeds of all existing plants. The shaking caused by its flight caused the seeds of all plants to develop on earth providing men with remedies for their diseases.

The Simurgh is considered as a symbol for fertility and a messenger between heaven and earth. In persian miniature it symbolises protection. It can be compared to to fabulous birds in Asian cultures (such as the Chinese Fenghuang, the Russian Zhar-ptitsa, the Arab Ghoghnu) or even the Phoenix, a fabulous bird found in ancient Greece and Egypt, who can reborn from its ashes.

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