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Bahram Kills the Dragon that have killed a Youth

Shahname (the Book of the Kings) 105x110 mm 1371, school of Shiraz From Topkapi Sarayi Muzesi Kutuphanesi In the present instance the Sassanian monarch Bahram Gur(420-38) is seen chasing an enormous dragon, which he kills. When he slits open its belly he finds the corpse of a young man.

The serpentine shape of the dragon.

This image shows how stylised paintings have become; the dragon breaths no more fire and smoke, but it is coiled in carefully arranged arabesque curls.

Color as in the blue dragon with gold scales, is used as formal quality than for representation. This painting belongs to the school of Shiraz, south Western Iran, was a center for illustrated manuscripts in a distinctive regional style. Production flourished in the 1330-1340s, under the Injuid gouvenors, to judge from a number of manuscripts, including three dated copies of the shahname, mystic's search of God, best exemplified in Jalal Eddine Attar "Manteq Ettayr",the language of birds.

Shiraz continued to be the center of the commercial manuscript production in the second half of the fourteenth century, under the Muzaffarid dynasty that controlled the most of south west iran. The wasp-waisted figures, with egg-shaped heads set on long necks are the most distinctive features of that period. Men , as Bahram Gur, wear thin moustaches and fringed beards. Landscapes are uniformly simple with high horizons, large rounded hills outlined with spongy rocks.

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